About us

Deep Atlas b.v. was founded by Wijnand van Eijndthoven in 2021.

Working as a young geologist in the Australian mining industry Wijnand learned about the technology of hyperspectral imaging. The reliable measurement by a high-tech camera and robust method of determining mineralogy appealed to him, an attraction that eventually led to founding Deep Atlas. Returning to The Netherlands, Wijnand worked as a development and exploration-geoscientist at Shell. Combining his experience from the petroleum industry with exposure to hyperspectral imaging, Wijnand saw an opportunity to build a mineralogy imaging and permeability prediction business for sedimentary rock types. Working on a project by project basis, typical clients would be companies from the Oil and Gas-, Geothermal-, and CCUS industries.

Deep Atlas’ unique approach to mineral determination, permeability prediction, and data handling has been co-developed with the Universities of Twente and Groningen. Mineral determination, using hyperspectral images of core analyzed through an approach based on decision trees, is a fast way of understanding the distribution of mineral species between the grains and within the reservoir itself. The relation between mineral species distribution and reservoir flow is established from a large dataset of mineralogy analyzed plugs by using machine learning.

In ensuring growth and further development in the start-up phase, Deep Atlas has been able to attract investors RUG Ventures, N.O.M., and G-Force. The successful seed investment round supports the idea that Deep Atlas and hyperspectral imaging has the potential to play a valuable role in the broader energy industry. Subsidy grants have been awarded to perform feasibility and prototyping studies as well as acquiring a SWIR camera. With the camera and sample measurement setup, Deep Atlas has created their own data acquisition laboratory, operational since early 2022.  Deep Atlas is located in the inspiring environment of the Innovation Center Chemistry & Engineering, located on the Campus Groningen, having easy access to other high-tech companies and institutions.

Deep Atlas’ vision is that mineral imaging will become a standard analysis in subsurface modeling. By delivering high quality products and services that create value to customers Deep Atlas aims to become a provider of choice. Through better insight in the deep reservoirs and a more cost effective method to unlock this knowledge Deep Atlas wants to contribute to the energy transition.