Software Development subsidy awarded to Deep Atlas B.V.

“Hyperspectral imaging (clay)minerals in sedimentary rock types; Dataflow Prototype 2”

Deep Atlas B.V. is pleased to announce it has been granted a VIA2021 Software Development subsidy to develop the ‘Dataflow Prototype 2’ for its ‘Hyperspectral imaging of (clay)minerals in sedimentary rock types’ methodology. The subsidy is granted by the SNN (Samenwerkingsverband Noord-Nederland) and the EFRO (Europees Fonds voor regionale ontwikkeling). The subsidy runs from Februari 2021 to November 2021.

Deep Atlas B.V. develops a unique source of information for the geothermal industry based on measuring the impact of (clay) minerals on flow through reservoir rock. Mineral information is often overlooked, but complementary to the ‘old ways’ of determining flow. Continuous mineralogy and flow property knowledge covers a blind spot in understanding flow through reservoir rock.

The objective of the ‘Dataflow Prototype 2’ project is to develop and test the complex software required to handle a vast amount of imaging data to make meaningful interpretations. Deep Atlas B.V. takes a scientific approach together with partners at the University of Groningen and the University Twente. The dataflow to be developed is shown in the diagram above where Deep Atlas B.V. builds on existing data storage and handling (Target Fieldlab, RUG) and data interpretation (HypPy, ITC, Utwente) software.

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