Hyperspectral Mineral

Imaging and Analysis

Re-Imagining Mineral Imaging

Deep Atlas is a service company specializing in mineral identification for geothermal, carbon capture and storage (CCS), and petroleum industries. Our expertise lies in providing accurate mineralogy data through non-destructive hyperspectral imaging solutions, which are instrumental in optimizing production and mitigating reservoir risk and uncertainty.

The fields we work in


We offer a reliable and robust solution for obtaining continuous mineralogy. By enhancing the understanding of reservoir flow properties, our services assist geothermal operators in improving their estimates of uncertainty associated with flow rates between injectors and producers. This valuable information enables more accurate planning and decision-making, ultimately leading to improved operational efficiency and performance.

CO2 storage

Through hyperspectral mineral imaging of core samples, we unveil the impact of clay minerals and other components on flow properties within reservoir rocks. This knowledge is pivotal in ensuring the integrity of the seal rock and guaranteeing the safe and effective storage of injected CO2 in the subsurface. Our expertise in this area ensures that the entire injected CO2 is securely contained, mitigating any potential environmental risks.

Oil and gas

Effective development of oil and gas fields relies heavily on a comprehensive understanding of the reservoir. At our company, we provide highly accurate mineralogy data that, when combined with other subsurface information, enables our clients to minimize field development costs by reducing reservoir risk and uncertainty. This data plays a crucial role in the planning and implementation phases of field development, as well as in optimizing production from developed fields.

Deep Atlas is committed to employing innovative imaging technology to minimize risk and optimize production.

How It's Done RTL Z | Deep Atlas Hyperspectral Mineral Imaging Solutions

Our team of experienced geoscientists uses the latest processing algorithms to process thousands to millions of hyperspectral measurements, delivering advanced mineralogical information to your project. Our current products include mineral imaging along the entire length of the core, providing a more comprehensive understanding of the mineral composition compared to traditional lab-based or hand-held spectrometers.