Deep Atlas B.V.

Deep Atlas B.V. offers a unique source of information for the geothermal-, petroleum-, and CCS industries based on measuring the impact of (clay) minerals on flow through reservoir rock. Mineral information is often overlooked, but complementary to the ‘old ways’ of determining flow. Continuous mineralogy and flow property knowledge covers a blind spot in understanding flow through reservoir rock. It’s Deep Atlas’ mission to make mineral imaging a standard test in developments in the deep subsurface.

Deep Atlas B.V. uses hyperspectral infrared images to determine the mineralogy and permeability of rock samples. The method is especially powerful on (slabbed) core as it provides continuous mineral and permeability information. Thus providing a continuous mineralogy and permeability ‘log’ at cm scale or at even higher resolutions if required. Deep Atlas B.V. develops its mineralogy and permeability imaging method in relation with the University Twente (NL).

A fully scaleable data storage and handling solution enables Deep Atlas B.V. to handle any project fast, accurate, and anywhere. Deep Atlas B.V. uses AstroWISE software developed by the University Groningen (NL).

Deep Atlas B.V. has been granted a MIT subsidy (2018) by the SNN to conduct a feasibility study, and a VIA2021 Software Development subsidy (2021) by the SNN and EFRO to build a full scale data handling and interpretation software prototype. A Duurzaam MKB subsidy (2021) has been granted by the Provincie Groningen for the purchase of the required SWIR camera.