Every object possesses a distinctive spectral fingerprint, both in the visible and invisible spectrum.

Hyperspectral imaging capitalizes on this phenomenon by capturing the continuous spectrum of light for each pixel with precise wavelength resolution, extending beyond the visible range into the near-infrared. By segmenting the measured light into various spectral bands, hyperspectral imaging unravels a wealth of detailed information about the surface being analyzed. This enables the revelation of intricate details that are not discernible within the limitations of the visible spectrum alone.

How we do it

Deep Atlas’ hyperspectral imaging solutions offer significant advantages

Deep Atlas’ hyperspectral imaging solutions offer significant advantages compared to traditional lab-based or hand-held spectrometers, which measure single points along the core often resulting in an underutilized resource. Our technology enables continuous, fine-resolution mineral imaging along the entire length of the core, providing a more comprehensive understanding of the mineral composition. This continuous imaging approach surpasses the limitations of point measurements, enhancing the accuracy and depth of analysis for geological assessments.